With a warehouse stocked to the roof with authentic Japanese ingredients, foods and drinks S.K.Y. is one of London’s premier importers and distributors of Japanese products. We deliver to over 150 restaurants and shops in the London area (please phone us to discuss delivery outside of London) and with over 9500 sq ft of storage space (and specialist -20ºC walk-in freezers) we will always have what you need in store.

For a complete list of products or to discuss an order please phone our dedicated sales team on: 020 8337 9009


With knowledgeable buyers on hand to help with your order we offer quality ingredients, foods and drinks to the Japanese restaurant trade. Expertly sourced rice, nori, soy sauces, red and white vinegars provide your dishes with authentic Japanese flavours and taste.


With an understanding of food and drinks seasoned by our expertise in the restaurant trade we are also happy to offer a distinctive and quality range of goods for the retail market. Our warehouse in South London supplies our own busy shop in Kingston and delivers to many more retail outlets London wide.


As one of London’s premier importers of Saké our knowledge of this traditional Japanese wine is second to none. We are a trusted supplier with the expertise to store, handle and deliver their premium Saké. Chilled Saké is kept at the perfect temperature in our walk-in fridges.


As part of a group company with Atariya www.atariya.co.uk our unrivalled expertise puts us ahead of the competition. The Atariya Group is known for its superb quality of fresh and frozen fish. Our ability to deliver across Europe is enhanced by our branch in Dusseldorf, Atariya S.K.Y. Germany.